Microwave Pizza Pan


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Preheat the remaining slices on a pizza pan in the microwave to make them taste the same as when they were delivered. It is designed to heat the slices from the bottom up so that the crust remains crispy – never soggy – without overcooking the cheese and stuffing.

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Product Details

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  • Reheating produces a crunchy crust directly from the microwave. 
  • The heating pan will make your food crisp in minutes. 
  • Perfect for pizzas, leftovers, chicken wings, sandwiches, hamburgers and more! 
  • Not compatible with the dishwasher, fits most rotary table microwave ovens
  • Minimum internal dimensions of the microwave oven: 12.5 "W x 12 , 5 "W x 5" H - Pan diameter: 10