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Military Grade MacBook Armor


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Protect your MacBook from damage when working in the field with this military-grade MacBook armor. It has a non-slip handle, impact resistant shock absorbers, double screen interlocks and openings for unlimited airflow.

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Product Details

Designed to protect people with active mobile lifestyles, the UAG features the first composite MacBook case to meet Mil-Spec 810G-516.6 drop test standards. Our patented composite construction combines a hard outer shell with soft, impact resistant shock absorbers designed to protect your MacBook from drops and impacts. The one-piece construction and soft rubber bumpers and bottom protectors provide 360 ​​degree protection against scratches and scrapes. With large doors and a discreet design that slides in and out of your bag, access is always quick and easy. Available in two different colors, transparent and smoky gray, the durable and lightweight UAG MacBook cases are sure to set you apart from the crowd at work and on your next expedition.


  • Designed for the 12-inch MacBook. 
  • Armored body and shockproof shock absorbers. 
  • Secure closing of the screen with double lock. 
  • Non-slip tactile handle
  • Ventilation openings for unobstructed air flow. 
  • Meets military drop test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6). 

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