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Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener


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Spend less than 12 parsecs with this challenging Star Wars Millennium Falcon bottle opener. The Millennium Falcon bottle opener is ideal for any canteen and has a metal frame with a practical magnet on the back.

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Product Details

Kessel Run in less than twelve bottles. Whether you have a canteen that rivals that of Mos Eisley, or just a refrigerator at the back of the ship, this Millennium Falcon opener is perfect for Han Solo in all of us! This is also not rubbish. She looks good and has what it takes. Like Chewie, this is a loyal companion who will open hard bottles for us and will be there, even if we drop our cargo at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser. This exclusive ThinkGeek collectible is nowhere else. That's right, she's all ours ... well, until she's yours. This metal gadget comes with a magnet on the back so you won't lose it until you throw it in the trash and lose it while playing. And remember: don't drink and turn on the hyperdrive! Product specifications Bottle opener for smugglers and other sloppy types Exclusive ThinkGeek collectibles! Metal in the shape of a classic smuggler ship Magnet on the back, sticks to your fridge Great for Star Wars fans in your life. Officially licensed Lucasfilm Collectible Made of zinc alloy (heavy!) Dimensions: 4 x 3.25 inches


  • Millennium Falcon bottle opener from the Star Wars series.¬†
  • Bottle opener for smugglers and other poor people.¬†
  • A metal shape in the shape of a classic smuggler ship.¬†
  • Magnet on the back, glue in the fridge.¬†
  • Collectibles officially licensed by Lucasfilm.¬†

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