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Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker


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Send your taste buds to a galaxy far, far away with these Millennium Falcon waffles. This officially licensed waffle maker makes Millennium Falcon waffles that faithfully represent the fastest piece of trash in the galaxy Рstraight into the side cabin.

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Product Details

It is tasty, tasty and can pass Kessel in less than twelve parsecs. Serve Millennium Falcon waffle copies every morning to send family and friends into hyperspace. With its detailed shape, its waffle batter will look like the legendary Han Solo spacecraft in minutes. A regulating thermostat to ensure uniform browning, five temperature settings for the preferred grade of baked waffles, a dual indicator light that shows when the iron is hot and when the waffle is ready, stands up and the cable wraps under the base for compact storage. Stainless steel construction. Non-stick wafer plate, clean with a damp cloth. 7.75 x 9.5 x 4.75 inches.


  • MILLENNIUM FALCON WAFFLES - Serve the fastest ship in the galaxy every morning with this Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker.¬†
  • DETAILED WAFFLES - It looks like a Millennium Falcon to the side of the cockpit and all the corners and crevices are perfect for storing syrup!¬†
  • REMOVE WAFFLES EASILY - Made of durable stainless steel with a non-stick wafer plate.¬†
  • COMPACT STORAGE - Store on your counter or in your cabinets.¬†Dimensions 7.75 "x 9.5" x 4.75 ".
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED STAR WARS PRODUCTS are the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan, this exclusive and officially licensed sweet and crunchy product

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