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Minecraft Torch


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Don’t let hostile villains show up at your house in blocks, producing level 14 light with your Minecraft torch.¬†The torch is decorative and functional, as it is an officially licensed Minecraft product that can be mounted on the wall and / or serve as a light source.

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Product Details

LEVEL LIGHT EMISSION 14. Sometimes it is easier to buy a torch than to manufacture one, especially an IRL. So, when you run out of charcoal and wood or just can't do enough to stop the generation of hostile mobs, buy a Minecraft wall torch. Place one every 3.5 meters in your home along the walls and this will prevent any enemies from appearing. Another advantage is the latest patch that allows you to install the flashlight on the glass. Melt the snow or prevent the lake from freezing, of course, just within a 2-block radius. You can even attach it to a pumpkin and make a lovely pumpkin lantern. Okay, don't actually do any of that, it just breaks. Just stick it on the wall because it looks cool and maybe it CAN scare zombies. So far, it seems to be working.


  • DO NOT ALLOW FARMS - Keep enemies out of your room with a wall torch for Minecraft Light-Up fans that looks like the game's torch.¬†
  • STAY ON THE WALL OR SIT AT THE TABLE - The torch can be hung on the wall.¬†Its corner folds down to reveal two keyhole-shaped mounting slots (mounting tools not included).¬†It can also be placed on countertops.¬†
  • ABS plastic - The applique is made of high quality ABS plastic.¬†Clean with a dry cloth.¬†Requires three AAA batteries.¬†Dimensions: 11 "x 2 1/4" x 2 1/4 ".
  • AGE AND MORE THAN 6 YEARS - This lighted wall lamp is suitable for children from 6 years old.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED MINECRAFT COLLECTOR LAMP - Light-Up Wall Torch is an officially licensed Minecraft collector.

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