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Minecraft Wrapping Paper


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Diamonds don’t last forever when they have the shape of Minecraft wrapping paper printed with diamonds.¬†In fact, as soon as your obsessed Minecraft gift recipient sees this wrapping paper, it will likely rip it off faster than a normal piece of land.

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Product Details

Diamonds are forever - unless you fall into the lava pit, in which case they will disappear forever. But that is not it. The fact is, you want your loved ones to remember that vacation for life. So, wrap your gifts in this truly memorable wrapping paper and they will remember your gifts forever. For. Ev. To see.


  • Minecraft Diamond Print wrapping paper!¬†
  • Officially licensed and created by J!¬†NX.¬†
  • Each sheet measures 24 "x 36".¬†
  • 3 sheets included.¬†

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