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Mini Diecast BTTF DeLorean


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This miniature DeLorean cast metal miniature DeLorean is a very detailed ode to the original DeLorean that good old Doc used in the first DeLorean film. This DeLorean Diecast will be a great gift for BTTF fans, as well as a great office desk decoration.

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Product Details

Have you searched for old DeLoreans on eBay and asked everyone to call you McFly? Well, we have a tasty nugget to feed the 80s fanatic in you who loves Back to the Future. This 1:43 scale DeLorean diecast brings to mind the wet dream of a science fiction geek. No, he doesn't travel back in time ... but he has a real polished metal body and intricate film details. Take a look inside by lifting one of the gull-wing doors and you'll see all of the film's time travel controls, including a tiny flow capacitor. There's even a Mr. Fusion on the back to avoid the hassle of stealing plutonium from terrorists. Now all you have to do is drop down and hope you have enough road to reach 88 mph! * The detailed DeLorean Diecast model perfectly recreates the Back to the Future time-traveling car. * Body in real brushed metal. * Supplied with display stand * 1:43 scale - 4 inches long

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