Miniature Programmed Robot


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Get kids interested in coding and robotics from an early age by teaching them the basics with this programmed miniature robot. This affordable and educational toy offers a lot of fun and is easy to use for any beginner.

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Product Details

Sparki is a fun, easy to use and accessible introduction to programming, electronics and robotics. It is aimed at babies and older children, educators looking for a simple introduction to robotics, parents looking for something accessible, yet educational and fun, do-it-yourself enthusiasts and much more. It is simple enough for beginners, but functional enough to be indispensable for professional users. Sparki is your chance to have your own open source robot available to carry out your orders. Sparki is already on sale in 51 countries around the world. He was featured at Fast Company, Boston Globe, MAKE, Kickstarter Staff Pick, Ars Technica and more. Sparki is ArcBotics' answer to robotics in STEM education and is used in classrooms around the world. Here are some things you'll learn to do: avoid edges, follow a line, solve a maze, dodge walls, navigate a room, find objects, follow / hide from the lights and draw a shape. Spark programming is available in Arduino code (C / C ++) and drag and drop programming, all open source. Sparki components: 1x ultrasonic distance sensor (detects Sparki's distance from walls / objects), 1x 3-axis accelerometer (grab detection, fall detection, hill uphill), 1x 3-axis magnetometer (detects surrounding magnetic field) Sparki, coordinates with accelerometer for compass direction), 3 light sensitive phototransistors (light tracking, dark search), 5 line and edge tracking sensors (labyrinths, line tracking, juice), 1x 128x64 graphic LCD, 1x RGB LED (RGB = generate any color!), 1x buzzer (horn, squeak and musical tones!), 1x IR transmitter (like the TV remote), 1x IR receiver (like your TV), 1x IR remote ( many buttons to control Sparki using), 1x TTL serial port for expansion (speak with Arduino / Raspberry Pi), 1 port for Bluetooth serial module (not at all premiums), powered by 4 AA batteries (rechargeable or alkaline), 2 motors with gears (precise and measured movement) o in millimeters / subdegrees), drawing marker holder, USB cable and ABS plastic construction, durable and suitable for drawing.


  • Complete education platform: Sparki is used by more than 2,000 high schools, high schools, universities and STEM programs like Stanford, MIT, Purdue and FIRST Robotics as a complete learning solution for more than 9 students in robotics, coding and electronics.¬†
  • Endless possibilities: learn to program more than 40 parts, including LCD display, object handles, in-line motion sensors for mazes, remote control, music speakers, light sensors, distance sensor , edge detection sensors, drive wheels and more!¬†All hardware and software are open source.¬†The board is based on Arduino, so you can expand Sparki and turn it into the robot of your dreams.¬†
  • More than 100 classes: open source classes written by professional teachers.¬†Classes are for beginners and advanced students who study robotics, programming and electronics.¬†Check out our lessons right now on our website to see what tasks you will learn.¬†We are constantly expanding classes based on feedback from the community.¬†We offer excellent support from our California team and have active global forums.¬†
  • Easy installation: Sparki comes pre-assembled, ready to use with all its accessories such as remote control, maze poster, line poster, Sparki pen / pencil, USB cable, Bluetooth module.¬†No expensive expansion packs.¬†We are here to help you if you need spare parts.¬†
  • Many programming options: the programming environments include drag and drop blocks like Scratch, Arduino code (C / C ++) and Chromebooks.¬†Beginners start learning with colored blocks to create simple programs and then move on to Arduino code with ease.¬†