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Minimalistic LED Clock


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If analog clocks are not to your liking, try this minimalist LED watch for a larger size. The digital clock is easy to read from a distance and has a 12/24 hour display, alarm clock and adaptive light sensor that reduces glare at night.

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Product Details

We can offer the new version of the White and White Clock with a 5m USB cable as a pre-order, before they actually go into stock, and we offer special discounts on pre-ordered items. The pre-order price guarantee applies only to the white and white watch and to the prices listed on the website. Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on weight, size and delivery location. NEW WHITE AND WHITE WATCH 2019. 3 LEDs per segment + USB cable! The white LED wall / table digital clock with numbers in a white frame by Vadim Kibardin is a modern three-dimensional interpretation of the traditional digital clock. Nothing more, just time. The white and white clock is a clock with alarm clock and 12/24 hour views. In the dark, a light sensor and a new intelligent light controller change the brightness of the digits to a less intense white. KIBARDIN products are inspired by real life - they have ingenuity, talent and consideration - all made for our customers at unbeatable prices. We are so popular that counterfeiters have started to use - or rather, abuse - our popularity, and there are petty people selling fakes in our name! We conducted a secret survey (following reports from dissatisfied customers who were selling counterfeits) and found that KIBARDIN impersonators are in fact produced and sold to vulnerable customers. Our products are backed by thousands of hours of research and development, perfectly designed and updated to satisfy you and be better than others! Our products are unique and have their own scope, so they can be copied, but never recreated - there will never be spirit, research, thought and, above all, quality in counterfeits!


  • GOOD PRESENT.¬†This table / wall clock can be a good gift for lovers of modern minimalist design at home inaugurations, weddings and social events.¬†
  • WINNER OF THE ORIGINAL KIBARDIN DESIGN - OVER 5 YEARS, KIBARDIN HELPS YOU CONTROL YOUR TIME AND ENJOY LIFE White and white watch won the SILVER AWARD at ANDETION AWARD 2018, Italy.¬†International Design and Design Award, France, 2017
  • UNIQUE DECORATION FOR HOUSES AND OFFICES - Simple, modern and original design.¬†The designer uses this philosophy to create an attractive and functional piece of art.¬†Whether on the table or on the wall, the White and White Clock will certainly attract attention.¬†
  • HIGH QUALITY and SAFETY is a safe watch for children.¬†Made of durable ABS plastic case and acrylic glass lens for easy cleaning and dust-free watch face.¬†
  • EASY TO SUSPEND and SILENT - Day and night lighting, alarm function, 5 m cable.¬†Control the time.¬†The watch is powered only by the mains, however, a battery must be installed to maintain time in the event of a power outage.¬†... Perfect for the bedroom, classroom, office, bathroom and any room in your home.¬†Enjoy the peaceful environment!¬†

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