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Mobile Alarm Clock


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If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you need a mobile alarm clock on wheels! When the alarm goes off, this mobile alarm goes off, driving in random and distant corners of your room, forcing you to get out of bed and wake up.

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  • Alarm clock on wheels: the best wake-up call.¬†Never be late.¬†Clocky (Clockie) is the only bedside alarm clock that works, hides, rolls, spins, squeaks and jumps (even a three-foot bedside table).¬†He's cool, funny, annoying, unique, a little crazy and will definitely wake you up at the right time.¬†It moves (on the carpet or on the wood), shakes, runs, changes direction.¬†You'll get up to turn Clocky off!¬†Battery operated (4 AAA batteries).¬†
  • The loudest alarm clock for sleepers: Clocky makes a lot of noise.¬†Part robot, part alarm - sounds like R2D2.¬†Nasty enough to not sleep too much.¬†The best alarm clock for deep sleep.¬†
  • Excessive snooze?¬†Do you know someone who knows?¬†I bet you even set the clock on the other side of the room.¬†Clocky is designed for kids, teens and adults - everyone uses gadgets to get up on time.¬†Perfect gift for student residence, graduation and return to school.¬†
  • Easy to set the time or snooze: you can postpone it once (1-8 minutes) or turn off the snooze function.¬†Clocky, a mobile digital alarm clock, will light up in the dark and go into action when it's time to get up and you'll be chasing it!¬†
  • Original Clocky: This is the original Nanda Home Clocky.¬†The real deal.¬†Kloki's inventor is an MIT graduate with a record Shark Tank contract.¬†Presented on Today Show, Ellen, Good Morning America, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CNN, Fox, ABC, BBC ... everywhere!¬†Counterfeits do not work.¬†Never sleep too much with the single Clocky.¬†

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