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Modular Blocks Farm System


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Build your garden as a giant LEGO set using a modular block farm system. These easy-to-build blocks will help make your garden more accessible and easy to grow, while offering a colorful and unique aesthetic that you can personalize.

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Product Details

Togetherfarm Blocks is a modular raised bed system made from recycled food grade plastic (the same plastic used for yogurt containers). The blocks are designed to make gardening easier and more accessible for everyone. You don't need tools or equipment to quickly assemble a garden box of any shape and size without cutting and measuring. If you are a gardening expert or maybe you are looking to build your first raised box garden, TogetherFarm blocks are the perfect companion for your next garden project.


  • Set of modular garden box, light and easy to assemble;¬†assemble a garden box in less than 5 minutes.¬†
  • No tools needed - cutting, measuring, hammering;¬†recessed grids / column holes
  • Sold as a 22 "x 22" kit, it includes 24 blocks of 10 "x2" x2 "each; any size, any shape, any depth - combine multiple kits for one bigger garden boxes
  • Currently available in slate gray and earth brown (photo); without BPA and phthalate; durable
  • Made in the USA with food grade recycled plastic; fully recyclable in end of product life.

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