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Modular Raised Garden Bed


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Give your yard a touch of elegance by decorating your property with these raised modular beds. These hexagonal beds are resistant to ultraviolet rays and moisture and can be stacked on top of each other to create different heights.

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Product Details

Modern modular false bed system: greater in height or length! The basic kit consists of six panels 21.5 "long and 10" D high. Increase the height of the hexagon by combining sets. An extension kit is available to extend the base 645100 by 21.5 inches (exaco 645101, the modern extension of the raised bed). Beautiful wood texture with durable plastic components. Made in Germany, using an elaborate recycled plastic process - 5 year warranty! UV and moisture - resistant - no routine sealing or painting required. Easy to use and no tools required. It can also be used as an open compost bin.


  • The basic set consists of six panels 21.5 "long and D 10" high.¬†
  • Increase the height of the hexagon by combining sets.¬†
  • Beautiful wood texture made of durable plastic components.¬†
  • Resistant to UV rays and moisture - no routine sealing or painting required.¬†
  • It can also be used as an open compost bin.¬†

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