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Mooning Garden Gnome


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If you are tired of all kinds of garden ornaments, Moon Garden Gnome is what you need to decorate your garden. This little bastard may be an outcast among his fellow gnomes, but he is just what you were looking for to irritate the surrounding area.

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Product Details

FUN and AMAZING. Our mischievous gnome seems quite pleased with himself, showing his ass, hoping to shock an unsuspecting person who accidentally trips over him in the garden. It is the perfect size to accommodate in a bush or houseplant. SUITABLE IN MANY PLACES It is good to have a lawn, yard, bathroom and kitchen decoration in your home and office.


  • Fun and decorated joke - looking for a fun joke that will make your friends laugh - here it is, perfect for your kitchen, front door, backyard, office or vacation home. 
  • Made of PVC. This moon gnome has a red hat, yellow long-sleeved shirt and gray pants. 
  • Protect it from direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

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