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Multi Outlet Plug Man


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The Multi-Socket Man is a four-socket splitter in the shape of a hanged little man. This output is useful when connecting bulky electronic components of air conditioning that often block an adjacent output into a typical output with multiple outputs.

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Product Details

Meet an influencer who is more than a flat exhaust valve. Ideal for use at home, school or office, its legs and arms have 3-pin sockets that provide enough space for even the largest adapter. It is equipped with a circuit breaker and grounded plugs for safety, and is an interesting alternative to the bulky standard multiple plug connectors. Dimensions 14 "x 12" x 1/2 "with cable length of 28".


  • The electrician has 3-pin sockets on the arms and legs, which have enough space even for the largest adapter.¬†
  • Includes circuit breaker and grounded plugs for safety.¬†
  • An interesting alternative with a standard bulky multiple plug.¬†
  • Ideal for use at home, school or office.¬†
  • Dimensions 14 "x 12" x 1/2 "with 28" cable
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