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Multi-Use Survival Machete


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If you are going into nature, don’t do it without this multi-purpose survival machete. This versatile and deadly high carbon steel machete has an ergonomic ash handle and can be used as a machete, shovel, ax and knife.

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Product Details

Ideal for the following purposes: • Survival • Crafts in the bush • Gardening • Fishing • Hunting • Surveying • Land use • Camping • And much more! Precision laser cutting • Material: 1074/1075 high carbon steel spring. 110 - Thickness - Precision laser cutting - Forged on fire - Machines up to 1500 degrees F - Frosted solar powder coating for maximum corrosion protection - Individually hand-honed and assembled in the USA by an experienced Amish craftsman PA Craftsman Wood . The gray handle is dyed for appearance, then coated with urethane for protection and, finally, the hand is rubbed with beeswax for greater grip and touch. Finger grooves provide a perfect ergonomic grip that helps prevent repetitive movements. has been slightly elongated to provide more torque when cutting - Long handle allows for multiple grips - The leather strap has a sliding adjustment clip for safe and secure handling of the premium leather sheath - Handmade and hand-sewn by Amish artisans in County Lancaster. Pennsylvania - Made with quality brake leather treated with Neat's-Foot oil preservative. • Includes a belt for easy and convenient transportation. • High quality brass buttons keep you safe. Machete firmly in place Machete, brush, ax, knife, shovel and more - all in one cut, cut, trim, trim, cut, rinse, clean, clean, assemble Perfectly balanced for efficient, accurate and comfortable swing movement Standard solution in the USA World War II Army through Desert Storm Woodman's Pal Tool & Leather Sheath Single Front Heavy Blade: â - Picks up to 1 1/2 '' seedlings in one stroke â - Fells large trees and brushes with successive notches â - Sharp scythe cuts the vines, then grows and stacks the seedlings. Lansky Whetstone - Multipurpose - Full size - 280 Grit - Made in the USA. An ideal gift for those who love nature and women. Whether Woodman's Pal is used for survival, hunting or camping. , or researching, he will really become your best friend.


  • Innovative design: we have modernized the traditional design used by the U.S. Army since World War II to make it easier for our friend Woodman to be used in a wide variety of environments. This is a machete, a shovel, an ax and a knife - all together in a bottle. Ideal for survival, camping, fishing, hunting, crafts, land use or surveying. 
  • Exquisite finishes: your new friend Lumberjack will instantly become a family heirloom. Ash handle and beautiful leather sheath made by Amish artisans. Each blade is individually sharpened by hand to make the machete cut through. 
  • Made for comfort: We designed the survival knife grip to provide a perfect ergonomic grip and reduce fatigue when used for long periods. The extended handle allows multiple handles to be used for different purposes, increasing control and minimizing the possibility of slipping. 
  • Highest quality: our craftsmen used high-quality, high-carbon steel to make Woodman's Pal. Processed up to 1500 ° F to obtain the highest possible hardness and resistance and to ensure that your machete has maximum corrosion protection for life. 
  • Made in the USA: everything we need to survive. Machetes are made by artisans in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We know you will love your new multi-tool survival tool, but if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will offer you a full refund. 

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