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My Two Cents Coins


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Those two cents are the perfect way to get your point across and help you do it. Each brass coin in the set has a face value of 2 ¢ and a “ZFG” (zero fuck) coin mark along with “United Stated of No Fucks” on the back.

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Product Details

We said it all ... Now you can really give - My two cents! Sometimes you just need to give your opinion and give your opinion. Reach your point of view by tossing coins and knowledge! Believe me, it will not go unnoticed! As the saying goes, "opinions are like idiots, everyone has them." Well, thanks to these coins, you can become the biggest idiot of them all! If a picture is worth a thousand words, that coin is undoubtedly worth two cents.


  • From ZERO F Given Coin Mock, Best Challenge Coin! 15 colored brass coins with a face value of $ 0.02 each
  • 0.80 "in diameter and 0.075" in thickness (basically the same size and weight as American nickel). 
  • with the house mark "ZFG" (Zero Fucks Dado). Opinions stink and everyone has them, throw your two cents! 
  • "United States without sex" to be sure. Now you can tell your annoying uncle STFU and STFD! 
  • Great novelty or fun gift and play toy! As seen on Kickstarter! Note that the word F. is written on this product. 

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