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Ninja Star Wall Hooks


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Keep your room neat with ninja precision using ninja star hooks to ensure everything stays in place. After skillfully throwing a star and planting it on the wall, its star shape is a great place to hang anything.

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Product Details

Tired of the flattened world we live in, finished in birch MDF? In that case, stop adding the boring IKEA functionality to your home and come back with our ninja hangers. Ninja Hooks will turn your runner into a showdown scene in Shanghai's backyard. Each ninja metal hook has an angle expertly turned into a screw that allows it to be securely attached to a wall or door, giving the impression that it has been thrown out of the hands of a deadly ninjutsu killer. You will certainly create a stir among the guests, as they will hang their coats; as each of our Ninja coat hooks is designed to look real, even the sharp edges - which are, of course, beautiful, smooth and suitable hanging points for the coat - but you don't need to inform your guests about this fact. So awaken fond memories of Big Trouble in Little China and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and add an ultra-modern deadly design to your home. Includes 1 Ninja hanger.


  • The hanger looks like a ninja ninja star.¬†
  • A screw-shaped corner and elegant and suitable hanging points for the cladding.¬†
  • Made of heavy-duty nickel-plated zinc.¬†alloy
  • Measures 4 "in diameter.
  • Includes 1 hook for ninja coat.
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