No Spill Vertical Ice Cube Tray


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Make better use of your freezer’s limited space by preparing ice cubes in this vertical anti-spill tray.¬†The tray comes with a sealed, odorless silicone lid that allows it to be stored upright inside a freezer that overflows, without worrying about spills.

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Product Details

Change the cooling method with the OXO GG No-Spill Ice Cube. The innovative silicone lid keeps the water in the tray and prevents it from coming out - from any angle! Simply fill the tray with water, press the silicone lid against the tray and smooth the lid to drain excess water. The silicone lid forms a seal so you don't have to worry about the tray tipping over or tilting when you move it from the sink to the freezer. You can now store the ice cube tray in any position, even at an angle between ice cream and frozen vegetables in a crowded freezer! The lid allows several trays for ice cubes or other items to be stacked on top and prevents the odor of the freezer from entering the cubes.


  • A silicone lid insulates the water in the tray before freezing.¬†
  • The sealed lid allows stacking and storing in the freezer at an angle.¬†
  • Comfortable handle for a secure grip when filling or loading
  • The innovative round shape of the ice cube makes it easy to remove the cubes.¬†
  • Prevents ice cubes from absorbing odors from the freezer.¬†
  • Removable silicone cover for easy cleaning;¬†Dishwasher-safe on the top shelf.¬†
  • Best OXO warranty: If you have any problems with your OXO product, contact us for repair or replacement.¬†We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experience and we will make it better.¬†