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Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon System


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Fend off a potential attacker without being fatal with this self-defense weapon system. With this rescue kit, you can stop your attacker by simply attaching it to your 9mm pistol.

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Product Details

The WASP Weapon is a firearm accessory designed to transform your pistol into a dual-use personal protection system. The WASP weapon accessory offers the user the option of using "less lethal" force before resorting to the lethal force of a full-blown firearm, if necessary. This dual-use personal protection system allows the user to fire the WASP shock stick and then immediately and seamlessly use the same firearm to continue firing 9mm standard ammunition - no modification or action required. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 1. Modern 9 mm caliber pistol in good working order. 2. A 1/2 "x28 threaded barrel designed for your pistol. 3. Practical knowledge of safety, handling and use of firearms. 4. Age 18 and authorization to use firearms. We also offer a basic kit. Check out the product:


  • The pistol impact bracket offers a non-lethal option before lethal force is required. 
  • Made in the USA - turns your firearm into a less lethal weapon on the first shot. 
  • Dual-use personal protection weapon system. 
  • Universal conversion kit for 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. 
  • Ideal for domestic and public protection. 

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