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Obese Statue Of David


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Have you ever wondered what the statue of David would have been like if it had been created recently, using the appearance of a man of average height today as inspiration? This fat sculpture of the statue of David symbolizes the gluttony and abundance of obesity in our time.

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This 1504 masterpiece is one of the most recognized works of art in the world and an enduring symbol of Florence. Davi calms the heart like a young shepherd who killed a giant Goliath with a stone, with our 30cm replica of natural marble incorporating this human perfection - noble in mind and admirable in body - in a museum-quality sculpture. big enough to fit almost anywhere. Glued marble version: 4 ½ "Wx3" Dx12 "H. 2 lbs.


  • Michelangelo - This Renaissance sculpture was created by the Italian artist Michelangelo in 1501-1504 and is one of the most recognized works of art in the world. It portrays the biblical David before his victory over the giant Goliath. 
  • Detailed replica - this 30cm tall replica has the same details as the original, from his furrowed brow to the tension in his body as he prepares to fight his much larger opponent. 
  • High quality replica of the statue. Hand-cast in pure white natural marble, crushed and glued with durable design resin, our replica of David is hand polished to give a natural marble sheen. a proud display in your home. 
  • Exclusively designed by Toscano - This museum-quality replica of David, exclusive to the Design Toscano brand, is a classic work of art to proudly display in your home or office, and a wonderful gift for lovers of Italian art. 
  • Our replica of David is 4.5 "Wx3" Dx12 "H and weighs 2 pounds.

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