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Octopus Shower Caddy


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Keep your bath area free from clutter by hanging this little octopus toilet box. This handy cephalopod has nine flexible, hanging tentacles with adjustable loops so you can hang anything from shampoo bottles to razors and rags.

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Product Details

The Formverket Octopus bath stretcher is the best solution for your bath accessories. A cutting-edge product for all who are interested not only in practicality, but also in beautiful design. This shower gel / bottle holder is made in octopus style and can be hung in the bathroom. Naturally, also in the bath, since the latex is completely waterproof. You can store a bottle of shower gel, cream or shampoo in 9 resistant loops. The adjustable loop allows you to hang bottles of different sizes. Shavings: When the contents of the bottles run out, just hang them upside down. Specifications Material: natural latex rubber Size: about 13 inches (33 cm) in length Brand: Formverket Designed in: Sweden Features: cutting-edge Swedish design, functional, comfortable, modern, chic, rounded edges, suitable for children, waterproof water, easy to use clean, hygienic


  • LARGEST SHOWER / BATH PLEASURE - This beautiful Octopus shower stall is the perfect hand (s) you need to organize your shower in the bathroom.¬†The shower gel / shampoo bottle holder is the most practical decorative bathroom accessory in any home - with or without children!¬†
  • CAPTURE 9 OBJECTS OF ANY SIZE - The friendly Octopus has nine adjustable tentacles that fit perfectly.¬†any baby bottle, soap, brush, razor, baby toy, shower and shower;¬†bath accessory, then say goodbye to flying shower bottles forever!¬†
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN OF ZERO WASTE - A unique feature is that by hanging the bottles upside down when they are almost empty, you can extract all their contents at the last drop.¬†This saves money, time and the environment;¬†it is really an irreplaceable product!¬†
  • STABLE AND STYLIZED - Unlike metal shower containers with a fixed hook that fall loudly over the shower, the octopus head ring hangs from the anchor in any shower.¬†or bath, and is easily adjustable, no longer scary.¬†
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - This comfortable and functional creature is suitable for children and serves as a bath toy to keep them busy taking a shower.¬†It is the perfect housewarming gift and baby shower for young families.¬†

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