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Offencils Profanity Pencils


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Turn your most mundane writing assignment into an escape from tasty grammar with these pencil profanity pencils. Each # 2 pencil in the set is engraved with attractive curses that will entertain and delight.

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Product Details

Do your friends or colleagues always take your pencils, but never return them? Or do you just want to have the last laugh? So it's time to get your hands on this fun new set. Our profane pencils are not for sensitive showers! These funny and so dirty expletive pencils are the perfect gift for any friend, colleague or anyone! Printed with new original expletives, these pencils guarantee a lasting impression and make you laugh with your reaction. And if you lend it to a friend who thinks the new Douche Canoe pencil is bad, you should remind him that pencils are for writing, not chewing.


  • GREAT & amp;¬†QUALIFICATION: A unique gift for the person in your life who likes one or two good bad words, and there are even some bad words here that you probably didn't even think about.¬†A great way to expand your repertoire.¬†
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Each 100% real graphite pencil # 2 is printed with varying degrees of profanity.¬†Just upgrade them and they‚Äôll be ready for all your swearing notes.¬†
  • PERFECT QUANTITY: Set of 20 pencils from TWAT FACE to CUNTY MCCUNTFACE, packed in a standard 7.5 inch handmade case.¬†in length.¬†
  • AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR LIFE: You love them or get your money back for life - we keep our promises to our customers and treat you like family!¬†

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