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Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


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Earn some human points by learning how to make the perfect old-fashioned one with this handy cocktail set. In addition to simple instructions, the kit includes everything from an ice sphere mold to a stainless steel shaper and even a decorating tool.

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  • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED GIFTS FOR MEN HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED (EXCEPT Bourbon or Brandy): A ALL INCLUSIVE set for a bartender with 8 pieces of serious and old-fashioned bar accessories.¬†This set will give you the tools to impress your guests with the best old models in town.¬†From whiskey glasses to bitters.¬†This Mancrate is made to be the bartender's friend with the Bar Tender for home or office.¬†Just choose the best cherry for your old-fashioned drink.¬†
  • 2 Drinking Glasses - 12 oz. Double Rocks Old-fashioned drinking glasses Serve your best old-fashioned cocktail or your own design with this unique 12-ounce Libbey 2311 Vibe.¬†... Old-fashioned double glazing!¬†This glass turns the conventional glass structure upside down, decreasing from a wide, thick base to a smaller throat.¬†This helps to reduce spillage and creates a unique look that is sure to intrigue and delight visitors.¬†This cocktail mix glass is one of the best cocktail glasses of the Oldfashion style.¬†
  • 2 HELLA BITTERS BOTTLES (citrus and aromatic) The perfect bitters for old-fashioned: the unique citrus formula is dominated by exotic spices.¬†four types of citrus peel and the taste of summer in India.¬†Flavor: 45% ABV (alcohol), 35 portions per bottle, all natural, vegan, gluten-free, without fakes.¬†Aromatic: Rich and deep with remarkable notes of cloves and cinnamon, a aftertaste noticeably more bitter than other mass market varieties, making it an ideal accompaniment for aged drinks.¬†
  • 2 TAVOLA OLD FASHIONED ICE CUBE LIFTS - Ice sphere shapes: innovative and thoughtful design folds perfectly to save space, does not leak or tip over in the freezer, offering the perfect sphere for ice cubes from bourbon to whiskey.¬†The slow-melting sphere will accentuate all the flavor and add class to your next drink.¬†The spherical tray and lid for silicone ice cubes does not contain BPA for the perfect whiskey ice.¬†1 HIGH QUALITY Muddler stainless steel planter - This premium bucket is made from the most durable materials available.¬†
  • 1 ZESTER / PEELER modeling tool The perfect gift for the man of your life This 8-piece mixed drink set comes in a wooden American pine box.¬†This ManCrate is a great gift for men on birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day, Christmas, bachelor parties, best man (s) gift (s) and all other special occasions in their lives.¬†Gift for Men 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with our set of offers, we promise a full refund or replacement.¬†Your satisfaction is our biggest concern.¬†

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