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Onmitsu Black Spider-Man


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See what your favorite web launcher would be like if you lived in feudal Japan by adding this amazing Black Spiderman Onmitsu to your collection. In addition to the set, Spidey has a Japanese katana set, interchangeable arms and a hook for kaginawa net.

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Product Details

Tamashii Nations' popular Meisho Manga Realization series features Black Spiderman Onmitsu! Trust this to the best sculptor and designer Takeyuki Takeya to bring Black Spider-Man back to feudal Japan in a totally ninja web design style. True to the feudal spirit, the Black Spiderman's Kaginawa ninja-style web hook is designed as a chain percussion mechanism. Includes interchangeable arms (x4), Japanese katana set and kaginawa web hook set.


  • Includes interchangeable arms (x4), Japanese katana set and kaginawa webhook set.¬†
  • In the popular Meisho manga series "The Realization" by Tamashii Nations, you'll find Black Spider-Man Onmitsu.¬†
  • Leave the renowned sculptor and designer Takeya Takeyuki to bring Black Spider-Man back to feudal Japan, in the ninja web style.¬†
  • For children over 15 years old.¬†
  • The product has the official Bluefin Distribution logo.¬†

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