Pee-Litical Targets


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Free yourself in more ways than one, targeting your unloved politicians with these Pee-Litical targets. You will be able to project color images of political figures like Nervous Nancy, Sleepy Joe and, last but not least, Evil Cream.

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Product Details

Tired of Trump annoying you ?? Finally, here's your chance to pee on him !!! You need a target to write! A fun new way to finally do what you've always wanted to do - pee the evil orange man! Choose from 4 hilarious Trump faces and set a goal worth fighting for! The movement is activated so you never have to put your hands where you put them!


  • Night light in the bathroom. 
  • Motion activated. 
  • Switch between 4 happy trump faces. 
  • - Creamy angry - Drumpf - Tangerine Tornado - Screaming Carrot Demon
  • He pisses you off, now piss on him !!!