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Perfect Drink Smart Bartender


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Make drinks better than Tom Cruise at cocktails with a smart bartender. Once connected to your tablet, the smart bartender will show you how to make the perfect cocktail, providing the exact dimensions and ingredients you need.

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Product Details

Meet your personal bartender Perfect Drink PRO! This intelligent bartender system allows anyone to prepare first-class cocktails at home. Connect the smart scale to the interactive recipe app on your device, then simply select from over 400 recipes and start serving! Follow the instructions on the screen and watch the virtual cup fill up in real time. Perfect Drink recognizes the perfect spill, and the app will tell you when to stop and even show you how to fix the drink if it overflows. Perfect Drink makes it easy to adjust the portion size for a single cocktail or to serve a large number of people. The virtual cupboard feature allows you to keep track of the beverage ingredients in your cupboard and suggests the drinks you can prepare based on what you have at hand. Soon, your home will be another meeting point for cocktails - no tips from the bartender!


  • Just serve until you hear the jingle!¬†An easy and fun way to make amazing cocktails at home.¬†Perfect Drink PRO works with devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet and Amazon Nook.¬†Accuracy from 0.5 g to 5 kg.¬†
  • Choose from over 400 recipes included in the app (or add your favorites), place a glass or shaker on the scale and pour each ingredient while the virtual cup is filled in real time in the app!¬†
  • No measures!¬†The scale weighs each ingredient as you pour it out and warns you when to stop.¬†This is more accurate than using a traditional measuring cup to get the perfect cocktail every time.¬†
  • Make a glass or choose a portion size to create a party jar with your favorite cocktail.¬†Not sure what to do?¬†Insert what you have in hand and Perfect Drink will suggest recipes.¬†
  • Supplied with the Perfect Drink PRO cordless stainless steel scale, device holder and 750 ml stainless steel cocktail shaker.¬†Does not include glasses, bottle or pill.¬†

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