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Personal Cast Iron Bread Oven


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Prepare baked goods straight from home using the Fourneau Bread Oven. The lid and the cast iron lid absorb the heat from the oven and distribute it evenly throughout the bread, leaving it with an airy and soft bread, with a golden and crunchy crust worthy of saliva.

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  • EASY TO USE: Just preheat the Fourneau and place the roasting pan in the oven as soon as the oven reaches the desired temperature.¬†
  • SAFE TO USE: With the included baking sheets and handle, there is no need to lift anything hot or heavy.¬†
  • DURABLE with regular use and minimal maintenance, the Fourneau will last a lifetime, but will get better over time.¬†
  • HANDMADE BREAD AT HOME, the cast iron remains warm for a perfect preparation of the dough, while a hatch closes the chamber, allowing the steam to escape from the bread, forming a perfect crust.¬†
  • VARIETY: Fourneau adapts to different shapes and sizes of bread, giving you the freedom to bake rolls, baguettes, boules or even pizza, land mine or focaccia.¬†

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