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Personalized Big Head Cutouts


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Let your MVP know that you protect them when they are out in the field by shaking these personalized big-head figurines. The cutouts are available in sizes ranging from a few inches to a giant 3-foot head that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

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Product Details

Large cutouts of the bridal shower head are perfect for the bridal shower. Upload any cropped face photo. Use cutouts for hilarious photos! Large heads are great for selfies, photo booths and group photos. Take a photo of the wedding using the cutouts! Use Big Heads for decorations and games! Our cutouts are made of high quality foamed vinyl cardboard that will last a long time! order today and your clipping will be sent tomorrow!


  • Cutouts are great for any big event!¬†Use clippings for sports, parties and festivals!¬†
  • The necklines will be a fun decoration for any party and a great gift!¬†Ask for some figurines and share with your friends!¬†
  • Figurine ideas for special gifts!¬†Use cutouts for promotions and corporate parties.¬†
  • Cutouts are the BEST photo props.¬†Use large-head clippings on booths, selfies and group photos!¬†
  • The clippings are sent the next day.¬†Choose a cut that suits your event.¬†We make professional shavings and shavings for you.¬†

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