Pillow Fight Weapons


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Pillow fights are no longer just child’s play – grab your battle ax and get ready for things to go terribly wrong – the pillow fight has started!¬†These weapon-shaped cushions include a scimitar, grenade, nunchucks, ninja star, battle ax and even a lightsaber!

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Product Details

The world would be a more peaceful place if pillow fights were more frequent. Or better yet, if pillow fights were used instead of war. But of course, to fight pillows properly, you need the right pillows ... we think they will do. The reversible Viking ax, sword, nunchucks and ninja star are what these cushions are. It's a complete arsenal of furry fury that will definitely intimidate your next opponent in pajamas until submission.


  • Set of 4 pillows;¬†double-sided viking ax, sword, nunchucks and ninja star.¬†
  • The ax is approximately 19 inches long.¬†
  • Have fun and add style to any bed.¬†