Pirate Leg Pencil Sharpener


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Keep your pencil as sharp and sharp as the captain’s relentless steel hook with a pirate’s foot sharpener in your school supply arsenal.¬†A few twists of that idiot’s amputated leg and his pencil looks like new, yaarrr.

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Product Details

Keep your pencils, friends! Did the pencil fade? Peg Leg will hook you! Point your pencil at this brutal pirate and he will show you where to find treasures while you point your pencil. Peg Leg Pirate Sharpener from GAMAGO is a formidable addition to any desktop or office. Get rid of the pencil shavings by removing Ol Pegu's leg, but don't tell your enemy about your weakness, or he'll make you walk on the board! The pencil is not included.


  • Pirate's leg sharpener
  • Keep your pencils sharp!¬†
  • Is the pencil faded?¬†Peg Leg is here to connect you!¬†
  • A terrible addition to any desktop or office for lovers of pirates of all ages.¬†
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches