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Pirate Peg Leg Corkscrew


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Yaarrrr, now with a pirate corkscrew on his finger, you can open your favorite 18th century wine or rum bottles like a pro. This miniature pirate is always ready to lend a hand Рor, in this case, a leg with a corkscrew Рto relieve his drunkenness.

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Product Details

The sommelier's favorite corkscrew, The Waiter's Friend, pulls the corks like a pro with an easy-to-open lever, aluminum knife and beer bottle opener. Created as a short-legged pirate with an eye patch, beard, crochet hook, ear, black bandana and a parrot to boot! Forget Blackbeard, Legless is the pirate who works the most at the bar. Adding the removed plug to the screw creates a fun stilt effect that is sure to make you smile. Whether you are a connoisseur of high-tasting wines for the best French, Italian or Spanish grapes, or happy with a cheap bottle at your local store, Legless can help you decant your drink anytime, anywhere. Even with sodas as your favorite cola, your new pirates will take care of you. Sommelier, waiter or night bartender - you will be well equipped with a lever to facilitate the removal of the cork and a robust structure. A perfect gift for Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays and other important occasions. Grab a bandana, hooks, parrots, pins and patches and get on board! Made of stainless steel, this durable wine / bottle opener opens smoothly and easily. Just pull the cork, enjoy the content and impress your friends! Pack it easily in your pocket, apron or fit into any outlet; It is an elegant and lightweight design for your convenience. With a more distinctive character than many corkscrews or bottle openers, it is an everyday item that facilitates the opening of bottles in any restaurant, bar, disco or home. For bartender devices, cork screws and essentials, nothing else beats! Designed by Suck UK, creators of the greatest gifts on earth.


  • New pirate-shaped corkscrew with easy-to-open lever, integrated serrated knife and beer bottle opener.¬†Quality cookware with multi-tools, easy to use, elegant and compact design.¬†It easily fits in your pocket, picnic basket or kitchen drawer at home.¬†A great addition to professional bars and restaurants.¬†
  • Ideal for bartenders, professionals, sommeliers, waiters and wine lovers.¬†This practical bottle opener is fun and functional at the same time, making it a great sauce and sales companion for any waiter or waiter.¬†
  • Made of durable stainless steel and soft plastic, this expertly engineered cork screw removal and easygrip wine opener ensures complete control by removing the stopper, cap or leaf from your bottles of choice.¬†
  • A great Father's Day gift, let your dad easily access your beers, wines, champagne and more favorite drinks with this high quality bottle opener.¬†It also makes a fun Christmas stocking filling, where drinks and gifts are fine!¬†Whether it is a gift for a loved one or a gift for you, it is a gift that will surely bring an element of fun to your table.¬†
  • This cool corkscrew is adorned with intricate nautical details of its hoop earrings, skull and bone bandanas, easy-to-open hook arm, bandages and small kite-shaped bows.¬†A unique and quality product that will delight any pirate lover.¬†Dimensions 5.20 x 0.51 x 1.77 inches (13.2 x 1.3 x 4.5 cm)

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