PiViT Ladder Leveling Tool


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Minimize the risk of serious injury when hanging something on the stairs in your home with the PiVit stair leveling tool. It is fully adjustable and has very comfortable feet, perfect for smooth surfaces, as well as a large non-slip surface, so that the ladder stays in place.

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Product Details

The Pavitt ladder tool is the perfect accessory for your ladder. You can get a stable stair platform in seconds. The Pavitta Ladder tool is an indispensable part of any company that can use a ladder. No other tool can instantly level a ladder in seconds. Your safety is increased by using the Pavitta stairs. If you use the ladder every day or once a year, you will find that all the work you do will be easier and safer than ever. The Pavitt Ladder Tool does not require screws or clamps, but it does offer a safe and stable working environment. No special equipment is needed to move from one ladder to another. The Pavitta ladder tool levels most ladders, works great on uneven surfaces and can be used as a ladder winch. The Pavitta ladder tool is made of polypropylene (the same material as the car battery cover is made of) and also uses a non-slip material to support the ladder and a conveyor belt material at each corner of Pavitta to minimize movement. The Pavitta ladder tool supports up to 500 pounds. (227 kg) Main features: Size: 24 "x 15" x 10 "The Pavitta ladder tool is so exclusive in design that it is patented. Instantly aligns any ladder in seconds (up steps and steps). Replaces 6 other devices needed for to perform the functions of a Pavitt tool Ladder tool Adjustable ladder feet Ladder jack Paint tray support Stand on a step The Pavitt step is not attached to the ladder, so it aligns most ladders


  • UNIVERSAL EQUIPMENT - Use to instantly level any existing ladder, including the ladder.¬†PiViT can even be used as a stable platform that can cling to the steps of the stairs.¬†
  • STRONG - Loads up to 500 pounds.¬†(227 kg), which exceeds the ladder capacity of 300 lbs, rated load 1A.¬†Use it as a ladder or step and be sure that PiViT will protect you.¬†
  • DURABLE - The PiVit ladder tool is made of polypropylene, the same material as the car battery case.¬†
  • ALL THE LAND - Works inside and out, use it on uneven surfaces, roofs and stairs.¬†Hundreds of rubber feet made of durable conveyor belt material prevent the ladder from slipping.¬†
  • PORTABLE - without screws.¬†There are no staples.¬†Moving from stairs to stairs is quick and easy
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