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Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker


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Add vibrant visuals to your favorite jams with this cool little pixel art speaker from Divoom. This small, retro-style omnidirectional speaker lets you create, display and share personalized digital images while you play.

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Product Details

WHY CHOOSE TIVOO PIXEL Pixel Art DIY BLUETOOTH SPEAKER?> Retro TV look, super powerful function and classic pixel graphics, first-class sound quality, powerful bass. Tivoo is a great product and the gift is an incredible experience. WILL YOU SAY THE OLD PIXEL STYLE? LOOK HERE! The 16 * 16 pixel screen satisfied its creation. Our app has a pixel art community and everyone who likes pixel art has fun here. We even make animated images and show them to other people. HD SOUND QUALITY AND POWERFUL LOW! The top-level configuration and unique architecture provide the best sound quality. Signal-to-noise ratio less than 75, powerful bass. V5.0 blutooth, support aux and bluetooth and SD card. Stop worrying about choosing a gift. THIS IS YOUR BEST CHOICE. Are you still thinking about buying a normal bluetooth speaker as a gift? Very annoying! Speaker Tivoo bluestooth, more than a speaker. And you will know that. MUST BUY! JUST ADD TO CART NOW !!!


  • ‚ô™ Compact Retro Dioom Bluetooth speakers - The Tivoo Bluetooth speaker measures just 3.9 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches;¬†6W of power offers surprisingly high volume levels.¬†Ideal for use in the office, bedroom, apartment, backyard, garage, fire pit, beach, anywhere.¬†
  • ‚ô™ Loud sound - with improved acoustic design, 360 ¬į directional sound with bass port;¬†low volume dynamic low frequency compensation, achievable signal-to-noise ratio of 75, high fidelity and noise reduction effect, provides the best sound in such a compact package.¬†
  • ‚ô™ Pixel Art Creation Display - Easily access over 1000 designers in our app community and get inspiration to create amazing pixel art designs at your fingertips.¬†We have also prepared a variety of pixel art tools for you in the Divoom app.¬†You can spark your imagination with this smart pixel pack.¬†
  • ‚ô™ Retro fashion style - uses a square design, not just modern technology combined with retro.¬†The classic aesthetic, combining the latest digital sound technology with the unusual shape of a retro TV, allows us to feel again in the golden age of retro music, enjoying a relaxing moment in today's busy life.¬†
  • ‚ô™ Integrated daily useful tools - integrated daily useful functions.¬†Just connect our Divoom app and you can get quick notifications from social networks like Twitter and Instigram.¬†Free verification of LED screen weather, climate, thermometers

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