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Pokeball Belt


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If you want to surpass the rest, you have to dress in the best way possible, enhancing your look with a Pokeball belt. Thanks to the design, the Pokémon of your choice is always at hand, so you can deploy your services at any time in case of danger.

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Product Details

Get ready to become a Pokémon trainer with this Clip 'n' Carry Pok © Ball bracelet. Coaches can prepare for the next fight. Carrying all your Pokémon with you can be tiring, but with the Pokémon Clip N Carry Poké © Ball Belt, you'll be ready to go wherever you go. The bracelet can hold up to six Poke Balls at a time. The official belt for amateurs and professional trainers, this accessory comes with a 2-inch Pikachu figurine, a standard Poké Ball and a Quickball to help you catch any new Pokémon you encounter. Additional figures and tug balls are sold separately.


  • Pok√©mon Trainer - Transform into a Pok√©mon Trainer with this Pok√©mon clip and strap, as it can hold up to 6 Pok√© Balls.¬†Additional figures and tug balls sold separately.¬†
  • GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL - The Poke Ball opens at the touch of a button, contains a Pok√©mon character and has a belt clip for easy access and portability
  • HOURS OF FUN - the whole process is fun and addictive, as you discover a new Pok√©mon you want to add to your collection.¬†A great way for children to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and to increase curiosity.¬†
  • A WONDERFUL GIFT - children and adults alike will like it, it will be a great gift, birthday gift or stocking filling, Merry Christmas and Christmas;¬†other holidays for family and friends.¬†
  • INCLUDES - an adjustable belt, a Pok√© Ball, a Quick Ball, a 2 "Pikachu figure. The bracelet can hold up to six Poke Balls at a time. Recommended for children from 4 years old.
  • The styles may vary, you can get one of the following packages: Fletchlinder and Repeat Ball with Klefki and Premier Ball OR Amura and Ultra Ball with Hawlucha and Great Ball OR Sableye and Ultra Ball with Pikachu and Pok√©bola OR Pikachu and Pok√©ball with Hoopa and Quick Ball
  • Includes an adjustable handle.
  • Two Poke Balls
  • Two 2" figurines
  • Two attack tags
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