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Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder


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Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? If so, check this Polaroid camera toilet roll holder. Instead of hot photos, this wall-mounted Polaroid offers soft toilet paper for your convenience.

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Product Details

Cameras in bathrooms are usually placed for security reasons or for perverts. We promise not to tag you in the same way when you buy this toilet paper dispenser camera. However, we cannot guarantee your guests. The Pollaroll toilet paper holder will turn your bathroom into retro entertainment. This support follows the design of a Polaroid camera and allows dispensing a sheet of toilet paper in the same way as dispensing the film. A word of warning: after use, do not shake, shake, shake as in the Polaroid photo. Supplied with 1 roll of color photography toilet paper. It can also be used with any standard toilet paper roll.


  • A fun gift for people who love the retro style of the 80s.
  • Pollaroll toilet paper holder with colorful filling.¬†
  • A camera that looks like a camera for your bathroom.¬†
  • Supplied with colored toilet paper and two small anchors for installation.¬†
  • There is not much to describe here, as everything speaks for itself.¬†The dispenser is attached close to the bathroom, like any typical dispenser, except instead of a film, this camera allows you to remove the TP from where the photos usually appear.¬†

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