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Pool Couch


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If you’re going to be on the couch all day, it’s better to get a tan.¬†The pool sofa is an inflatable floating water that easily fits two people and your favorite drink in the built-in armrest cup holders, and is also a great gift for relaxing in the water.

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Product Details

Enjoy relaxation in the Swimline water all summer with an adjustable Kick-Back deckchair for 2 people. This large float (L x W) 74 "X 60" (188 x 152.4 cm) is everything you need and more. Sit down with a friend and this large float adjusts to your comfort. Made of tough, durable RF-welded vinyl, this multi-air lounger has built-in drink holders to keep your favorite drinks close at hand so you and your friend can stay cool and refreshed while swimming and relaxing on a lazy afternoon. The inflatable cabin is equipped with STEM valves to facilitate air supply. So sit back, sit down and swim in your own 2-person Kick-Back lounger from Swimline Today.


  • The adjustable lounger next to the pool allows you to personalize your comfort simply by reclining.¬†
  • Multi-air chamber design
  • Built-in cup holder for your favorite summer drinks
  • High quality vinyl construction with welded seams for durability.¬†
  • Light inflatable valves.¬†

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