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Pop Culture Icons Mini Bath Soaps


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Forget the trendy soaps and make your guests laugh with these pop culture icon mini soaps. This Soothing Almond and Cocoa Butter Mini Soap is available in a variety of fun designs with iconic historical figures.

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Product Details

Brought to you by the UPG The origins of the UPG are shrouded in mystery. According to some sources, the guild originated in Athens in the second half of the 4th century BC. Presumably, several of the lesser philosophers got tired of the endless Socratic dialogues inherent in their profession and started making household items and toys. (Hence the allegations that Socrates drank his hemlock poison from a cup designed by the Guild, although there is an intense debate over whether it was a "missing" cup.) Others argue that the UPG dates back to the Middle Ages, when the Philosophers Guild entered in the world of commerce, selling obscene brochures to pilgrims who stood in front of long lines to the bathroom. Business flourished until 1211, when Pope Innocent III condemned the publication. Unsurprisingly, this led to more sales, although half of our members were burned at the stake. More recently, revisionist historians celebrated the birth of the Guild at a time when it was still legal to live on New York's Lower East Side. The two brothers channeled their inner creativity and their love of rent to meet people's needs for puppets, warm slippers, cups of coffee and more.


  • 100% flavored with almond molecules and cocoa butter! CAUTION: Do not use as a shampoo. It can result in incredibly shiny hair. 
  • Almond, cocoa butter flavor. Each mini bar of soap is 2 ounces of 2.25 "x 1.75" x 1 ".
  • Made in the USA with local materials. Not tested on animals.
  • Try it the rest of our Foam Sweet Foam soaps. Does regular soap make your bathroom boring? Make your sink or bathtub fun with this smart soap.
  • Click on the link to our store page next to the name of the product to see other smart and smart gifts. UPG really has a mind.

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