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Pop-Up Coutertop Outlet


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Keep your socket handy without sacrificing valuable table space with this retractable bench socket. The plug is installed in minutes and offers 3 plugs, plus a pair of convenient USB ports, so you can charge all types of devices.

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Product Details

The world's first power and communication port specially designed for kitchens, laboratories, doctors' offices; anywhere that liquids can be spilled. Observe the transparent rubber ring at the top. This ring forms a seal when the unit is closed, preventing water and other liquids from entering the PCS34. Simple but very effective power and data hub enhancement! To use, simply grasp the two metal handles at the top and pull up until the PCS34 clicks into place. To lower, press the red button at the bottom and press. The standard configuration is three 15A / 125VAC electrical outlets; other power and data options are available. See also PCS34A-90 with two standard electrical outlets and two data configurations. Total: 4 1/16 inches in diameter. Neckline: 3 5/32 "in diameter, 9 feet, electric cable. Recommended table thickness: 1/8" minimum to 2 "maximum. The device is held firmly and securely in the hole by means of a tight fitting flange that locks in place at the bottom. It also has a reset button that lights up when the power is turned on. Designed as a relocatable tap for update purposes only. Currently not in compliance with NEC Article 406.11. GFI required for use in the kitchen UL file No. E211536 Electrical codes depend on location Consult your electrician prior to installation to ensure this unit complies with local codes.

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