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Pop-Up USB Socket


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The inspired and functional design of this pop-up USB port allows you to keep a convenient electrical outlet nearby, without sacrificing valuable workspace. This vertical outlet is easily hidden under the counter when not in use.

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Product Details

Define the data: 1. You will need 12 inches of space under the cabinet when it is retracted 2. Drill a 9-diameter hole in the meter 3. Power divider with 160 cm power cable. Direction of use: 1. After pushing down, the top will rise about an inch, then you physically pull the device to open the sockets and then you can connect 2. When the charging is finished, you can push the socket down and the top will be flat with the table surface, just left the table surface clean and tidy. Package contents: 1 * Retractable socket with power cable (160 cm long)


  • 3 AC sockets and 2 USB charging ports, widely used in the kitchen / office / counter / conference room.¬†
  • The construction is made of plastic.¬†The built-in surge protector can protect your home and office electrical network from any electrical damage.¬†The fuse will be switched off automatically when a certain power consumption is reached.¬†There is no more potential electric fire.¬†
  • Drill a hole approximately 3.5 inches (9 cm) and you will need 12 inches of space under the cabinet when retracted;¬†then insert it into the hole and tighten the ring.¬†Below.¬†Done.¬†- Be careful NOT to install around a sink, it may retract, but it is not waterproof.¬†
  • Hide from view when you don't need it.¬†Simply a smooth and elegant surface on your desk for a clean, organized and efficient workspace.¬†
  • This hidden USB extension cable can be installed in offices, conference rooms, desks, worktops, kitchen worktops, cabinets, to make your desk more organized.¬†
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