Portable Super Nintendo Player


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Take out the box of SNES cartridges you have in storage, because now you are playing all the classics in this amazing Super Nintendo portable player! In the shape of the original Super Nintendo controller, this pocket SNES is great for nostalgic gamers.

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Product Details

At home or on the road, SupaBoy throws your favorite Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges wherever you are. SupaBoy is a portable or home console. Troubleshooting steps: 1) Make sure the battery is charged. We recommend charging the battery for at least 3 hours. 2) If the screen is still blue or continues to flash, remove the battery from the system (by unscrewing the screw on the back to open the battery cover). Then connect the Mini USB AC adapter to the SupaBoy and turn on the device. * If the device turns on, the battery is the source of the problem. * If the device is left turned off, the system is the source of the problem.


  • Innovative cartridge lock function.¬†
  • Tested compatible OE hardware: Nintendo SNES Controller, Nintendo Super Scope Super Multitap, Nintendo Mario Paint Mouse
  • Compatible with Japanese Super Famicom cartridges
  • Adjustable volume control with stereo sound.¬†
  • Headphone jack.¬†