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Potato Clock Science Kit


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Tell your little science enthusiast about the transforming power of green energy with this scientific potato watch kit. The kit includes a digital clock, wires and pins Рall you need to do is connect the pins to up to two tabs to power the small digital clock.

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Product Details

4M Potato Clock illuminates young minds about the value of green energy. The Potato Clock uses a pair of common masts to power the digital clock. This kit includes a digital clock, wires and pins; two potatoes are enough to create hours of work. Ideal for young science enthusiasts, this kit offers a valuable lesson on the transformative power of green science. Detailed assembly instructions included. No batteries are needed.


  • Potato Clock uses a pair of regular rods to power the digital clock.¬†
  • This kit includes a digital clock, wires and pins;¬†two potatoes are enough to create hours of work.¬†
  • Ideal for young science enthusiasts, this set offers a valuable lesson on the transformative power of green science.¬†
  • Detailed assembly instructions are attached.¬†
  • No batteries are needed.¬†
  • Challenge your child's imagination with 4M toys and sets.¬†
  • 4M educational toys cover a wide variety of subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits and more.¬†
  • 4M offers a wide variety of toys and kits that allow you to build a clock, make a crochet rug or transform your room into a planetarium - all in the name of making learning fun.¬†
  • This kit contains a digital clock, instructions and everything.¬†you need (without legs) to run it.¬†
  • No potatoes
  • Observe your child's joy and sense of accomplishment with the watch they create.¬†
  • Make the children understand that there is a smaller carbon footprint.¬†
  • No batteries needed
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