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Praying Mantis Eggs


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Forget harmful pesticides Рyou can now protect your garden with these praying mantis eggs. Eggs allow you to grow your own live praying mantises so that you can release them into your garden to control and destroy the insects that destroy the garden.

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Product Details

(Important: Our Mantis capsules are packaged in a breathable bag. Note: At Bug Sales we guarantee that they will hatch. If they are not delivered in a breathable bag, you can receive the item from other vendors that are packaged here and we do not guarantee them.) Praying mantis are territorial insect chasers. They will spend their days waiting and tracking their prey. The praying mantis moves its head to care for the prey. Its head stimulates special receptors that send nerve impulses that instantly adjust the distance and angle of the praying mantis's fast attack. He bites his neck to kill insects and then tastes his food. That's how they work. The praying mantis is an impressive and showy creature that can help fight insect pests in your garden in organic ways. It is also very interesting to be with them. Product information: The mantis egg boxes are contained in paper cups or bags, 50-200 mantis hatches hatch from each egg box. At hatching, the chicks jump from the tiny flaps of the box and hang on silk threads about 5 centimeters below the box. After drying, young people will disperse. It happens in an hour or two. It is very difficult to know if hatching has occurred, unless elusive, well-camouflaged pups are found. Release fee: Attach egg cartons to a branch or factory. 2 boxes of eggs of 3000 sq. Feet. To watch the eggs hatch, place the boxes in a paper bag and fold the lid. Place the bag in a warm place on a window sill, etc., in direct sunlight. Open the bag periodically and check for hatching. If incubation occurs, remove and release the chicks. Hatching can sometimes take up to eight weeks. Strategic considerations: Pesticides and even wetting agents and spray adhesives can negatively affect the praying mantis' survival. Broad-spectrum insecticides and systemic insecticides are toxic to praying mantis. Including incubation habitat.


  • 2 boxes of praying mantis eggs - live praying mantis
  • Each box of praying mantis eggs contains 50 to 200 baby praying mantis chicks -living gods.¬†
  • This product has a unique incubation environment
  • We guarantee that your mantis fruits will hatch!¬†
  • The incubation environment has a special window for easy observation.¬†

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