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Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit


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Draw a masterpiece on your belly while you cultivate a masterpiece on your belly with this maternity painting kit. The kit is completely safe to use and includes everything you need to give free rein to your imagination and make your pregnant woman even more radiant.

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Product Details

From the manufacturer Pregnancy is a special moment in the mother's life. Our belly painting kit for pregnant women allows the expectant mother to transform her belly into an artist canvas. Our water-based paints are easy to apply and remove. This project will be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially for young children. Our set will easily color 20 photos covering the mother's belly. Any unused paint can be saved for future use, such as for children's face paintings. Product description Mothers can now transform their pregnant belly into a work of art. Our water-based paints are easy to apply. apply and remove. It is a great activity for the whole family. The kit will easily color 20 photos. covering the whole belly of the mother. Any unused paint can be saved for future use, such as painting a face. Babies' faces: The set includes: 8 color palettes of professional water-based makeup (black, white, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow, green). Brush to paint the belly. Sponge to paint the belly. Drawing tips and design ideas. Sheet of colorful temporary tattoos on the belly.


  • Professional water-based makeup palette in 8 colors (black, white, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow and green).¬†
  • Brush to paint the belly
  • Sponge to paint the belly.¬†
  • Drawing Tips & amp;¬†Design Ideas Sheet
  • Sheet of colorful temporary tattoos on the belly

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