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Premium Root Beer Variety Pack


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This premium root beer pack is the perfect gift for the biggest fan of your life. This set includes 12 different premium beers, such as Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Earp’s Sarsaparilla, Frostie Root Beer, Hippo Root Beer and Jacksonhole Root Beer.

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Product Details

12 different beers in premium Root Beer and / or Salsaparrilha and / or Birch Beer (Orca Beverage) premium bottles, selected from the Orca Beverage portfolio. All soft drinks are sweetened with real cane sugar from the orca soft drink factory. (The image is only part of our range of carbonated drinks) Possible product selections in the following list: Beers with American root, Anchor Root beers, Bedford's Root Beers, Bulldog Beers, Brownie Beers, Dad's Root Beers, Earp Sarsaparilla, Frostie Root Beer, Hippo Root Beer, Jacksonhole Root Beer, Jacksonhole Sarsaparilla, Red Eye Old Root Beer, O-so Butterscotch Root Beer, Ramblin Root Beer, Red Arrow Root Beer, Sioux Root Beer, Sioux Sarsaparilla, Sioux Birch Beer


  • A selection of assorted root beers in a glass bottle
  • 12 assorted root beers / sarsaparilla / birch beers. 
  • Gift idea

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