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Printed Roller


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Renovate your home’s interior using a printing roller to create complex designs like wallpaper for a fraction of the cost. The roll’s innovative design makes creating vibrant, intricate patterns on the wall as easy as moving the roll up and down.

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  • ❃✔ Material - cylindrical stamping cylinder brush made of high quality rubber, total length: 175 mm / 6.89 in. Harmless to the body, durable and long-lasting. 
  • ❃✔ The application is a practical wall paint roller with handle, you can paint beautiful patterns on the wall. Great wall decorating tool, the best choice for the DIY artist. 
  • ❃✔ Multiple patterns - You can choose from multiple patterns. Perfect decoration suitable for living room, bedroom or any other space. You can apply textured paint and water-based paint to give the wall the look of wallpaper. 
  • ❃✔ Ease of use - Easy to install and use. It is easy to clean and reuse; The paint roller can also be brushed, printed, printed or tested with a sponge. 
  • ❃✔ Great tools - this cylindrical brush for roller relief is a great tool for adding extra details to any project you are working on, helping to make it more beautiful and faster. We invite you to contact our valued customer service team if you want to know more about our products! 
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