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Privacy Starry Bed Tent


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Sleep under a beautiful starry blanket every night, while equipping your bed with an isolated starry tent. It creates a beautiful starry sky, giving you roommate privacy so you can relax in peace or study and concentrate.

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Product Details

By blocking drafts in the room and keeping warm air inside, this tent will make your child's bed especially cozy. This tent gives your children maximum privacy, even when they have to share a room with other people. An excellent solution for children and teenagers who live in the same room with brothers and sisters, as well as for students who live in hostels.


  • This refurbished product has been tested and certified to look and function as new.¬†The recovery process includes functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection and repacking.¬†The product comes with all the necessary accessories and can be delivered in a standard box.¬†

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