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Problem Solving & Brainstorming Cards


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Make it easy for you to think outside the box with these troubleshooting and brainstorming flashcards. After choosing a card, he will instruct you on how to approach the problem from a different perspective, making it an interesting and unique way to unleash your creativity.

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  • CHANGE YOUR MIND: The Creative Block was created to help you turn your mind into a game.¬†By presenting dynamic ideas and new ways of thinking, you break the usual patterns.¬†Your mind becomes a little flexible, opening up new possibilities.¬†
  • PROVEN RESULTS: The creative block is not magic, but the results can be magical.¬†Inside, you'll find over 100 innovative and carefully selected proposals from artists, neuroscientists, mindfulness and creativity specialists - all designed to take you to a new space.¬†
  • SIMPLE & amp;¬†EASY: How to play - there are three easy steps: choose a card, follow the instructions and an escape!¬†Each card will teach you how to solve a problem from different perspectives.¬†Think of it as a game with a rule: stay open.¬†
  • GIVE INSPIRATION: these exercises are meant to inspire, not torment you.¬†If the exercise doesn't work, just choose another one from more than 100 cards.¬†You are sure to find an offer that meets your needs.¬†The next step is a breakthrough!¬†
  • MADE BY THE MANUAL: Over 100 proven methods are presented to you in a beautifully designed bamboo box.¬†Truly a box worthy of the value it contains.¬†Enjoy quality craftsmanship and let it bring your best ideas to life.¬†

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