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Purple Galaxy Bed Covers


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Embark on a journey from this world to the land of dreams, sleeping in the purple veils of the galaxy. These beautiful satin covers display a mesmerizing image of our vast space with incredible details and art that will blow your imagination.

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  • 【WYSIWYG】: impression once formed, WYSIWYG, the whole product is a huge finished pattern, seamless fabric, seamless pattern, it is beautiful, as shown in the image. 
  • 【Printing】: The duvet cover and pillowcase are printed on one side, the back is solid color. 
  • 【Feature】: soft, fine and comfortable cotton feel, ecological, shiny and never faded
  • 【Packaging】: 1 90 "* 64" duvet cover (without blanket) + 2 pillowcases 22 "* 29" (without insert)

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