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Putin Riding A Bear Action Figure


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Look no further for the next centerpiece in your home than a statuette of the great Vladimir Putin riding a bear.¬†This artwork depicts Russia’s infamous leader in his natural state – riding a bear, shirtless, army boots and camouflage pants.

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Product Details

Vladamir Putin shirtless astride a Russian bear. We are not sure if there is anything better than that! Known not only as President of Russia, we see repeatedly that Putin is a desert man. He tends to be outdoors, riding, fishing or hunting exotic animals for scientific researchers to identify and track. By exotic, we mean Amur tigers, polar bears and gray whales; seriously, how often do you find a president who has dealt with these animals? In addition to nature, Putin has made great strides in Russia, helping to raise the middle class by cutting taxes and eliminating the national debt! A shirtless figure of Putin riding a bear is a great gift on the subject of a mad dictator. He embodies Russia's frantic courage throughout history, as well as the people's courage and desire for achievement. It is the perfect gift for you or a military friend, politician, collector, lover of Russia or any man or woman who is adamant in achieving his goals, despite the folly of others. For those who think that riding a bear without a shirt should seem as easy as it looks for Putin (governing the country and being completely helpless), this is for you. A truly patriotic symbol that is on the table of all true admirers of the glorious Russian leader.


  • Memorabilia of the majestic Vladimir Putin.¬†
  • The figurine depicts President Putin shirtless, lightly riding a Russian bear.¬†
  • The famous Russian bear stands out for the nation's own shape and its flowers
  • Made of high quality polymer and painted by hand.¬†
  • The statuette has not been officially approved and is not associated with President Vladimir Putin.¬†

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