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R180 Smart Toaster


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Say goodbye to burnt toast once and for all with the R180 smart toaster. This smart, high-speed stainless steel toaster with two slices has an integrated touchscreen that allows you to reheat everything from toast to perfectly stuffed brownies.

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  • FAST: InstaGLO offers 35% faster than premium toasters.¬†No more waiting and double toast.¬†
  • TASTY: InstaGLO roasts bread without drying it, retaining 30% more moisture than leading premium toasters.¬†For crispy toast on the outside, but soft and tasty on the inside.¬†
  • GREAT: Winner of the Bom Design Award.¬†The perfect conversation starter on any bench.¬†
  • PLEASURE: The intuitive touch screen, the countdown clock and the call with a happy ending bring a little joy to your toast.¬†
  • # 1 THE MOST DESIRED OF THE AMAZON: Give an endless gift for weddings, house opening, Mother's and Father's Day and much more.¬†

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